Charitable Donations: July-August 2023


Here is our charitable donation recap for the months of July and August: We donated $253.23 to the Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF)!

That number was calculated by adding 100% of the profits from this Grow Abortion Power blanket and 10% of profits from all other products sold. 

Thank you to everyone who purchased one of these blankets and any other items from my shop! Your support means so much and it allows me to make regular donations to CAF.

Illinois continues to be a regional and national access point for abortion care in the midst of rapidly changing laws. CAF is committed to helping every caller get the care they deserve and need.

If you’re interested in getting involved with your local abortion fund (which I highly recommend), check the National Network of Abortion Funds website.


If you would like to support the Chicago Abortion Fund, you can donate directly on their website and you can also purchase the Grow Abortion Power woven blanket.

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