Building a Library of Free Protest Art & Sticker Resources

Building a Library of Free Protest Art & Stickers

I've slowly been building up a little library of free protest prints and sticker designs for anyone to access. I believe that art should be accessible to everyone and that protest art is one of the best ways I can contribute to the broader fight towards collective liberation.


This is a community project I started in late 2023 because of the mass mobilization around Palestine. And as time has passed, I've been making an effort to learn more about how Western Imperialism and capitalism have fueled genocides and destabilization in other countries. As I learn, I create art. It's how I process and reflect on what I am learning and bearing witness to. 


Free Digital Protest Prints

All protest prints are designed to print on regular 8.5"x11" US letter paper. Personally, I prefer the size of 11"x17". But in order to make printing as easy as possible, I chose the most standard size. You can, however, print all artwork up to 200% (17"x22") for larger posters or you can tile multiple pages of 8.5"x11". Several options are available for you!


Free Digital Protest Sticker Design

I have several digital sticker design files in varying sizes. All can either be printed on an inkjet or laser printer, a thermal printer, or with a 3rd party printing service. When printing on a home inkjet or laser printer, you will need to purchase sticker sheets. When using a thermal printer, you can purchase fan-fold or rolls of stickers. My personal favorite is a thermal printer. Overall, it is the most budget-friendly option to print large quantities at home. 


If you do not have access to a thermal printer, check with friends who are small business owners and see if you can "rent" their printer for a few hours. Another option is checking secondhand marketplaces like eBay and FB marketplace. There is absolutely NO reason to buy new tech, especially with what we know about how the affect the DRC. Used thermal printers are fairly easy to come by and you can pitch in with friends to have shared use of the printer. Pooling community resources is cool and we should all do it more often instead of buying new things all the time.


Flyering and Stickering Safety

So, this community project is for all of us. Putting up a sticker or poster is one act of resistance--whether it's at home, school, work, or in public spaces. I would be remiss to share these designs without touching on safety. So please practice safety first as you go out into the world with these posters and stickers. The Color of Liberation has a great guide (and amazing art bank) about flyering and stickerting. Please read this guide.


Expanding the Project

I would like to continue to expand this project, specifically to make some protest art kids can enjoy. My absolute favorite thing to do at a direct action is watch parents create space for their kids to learn and cultivate their voices. So, if you have the means and feel so inclined, when downloading any of the free protest resources, you can leave an artist tip at checkout, which helps me continue this project. These resources live on my shop only because I have a hard time juggling multiple platforms. 


I post almost all updates on my instagram account You can follow me there to get updates on any new art added to the resource library.






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