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Free Palestine Digital Protest Print

Free Palestine Digital Protest Print

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This "Free Palestine" print is sized to 8.5"x11" so you can easily print this at home or size up if you would like to have a larger poster. You can select from 4 color options and you also have the option to pick your price. The goal is to have easy access to protest signs and prints to put up in your homes and businesses.

If you are short on funds, you can download the print for free. However, if you are able, you can pick a paid option and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians, a UK-based medical aid organization with an on-the-ground team in Gaza. I will be donating lump sums at the end of each month and you can find those reports in my News section, along with past donation receipts for transparency.



At checkout, you will see an option for tipping which is not required but greatly appreciated. Your tips support me in making more free and accessible fundraiser and protest art. 



8.5 x 11 inches or 17 x 22 inches


*NOTE* This is a digital download and the black and white photo behind the print mockups is not included.

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