Charitable Donations: December 2023

December 2023 donation transparency check ✔️

Doing it a little early to get it in before the end of the year. A bulk of our donations have gone to Palestine Legal from the Letters for Palestine artist postcards and the Free Palestine woven blanket.

And while it is undeniably important to donate to organizations like Palestine Legal, the Chicago Abortion Fund, and @Transanta, we cannot overlook community building, solidarity, and action.

I keep saying this, but it has been fortifying to organize with @concerningcorgis@flooffurmily@goodboyswander@misothemeatball@mynameisntkara, and @ridgelessadventures on our letter writing campaign (and now @neko.the.original, too, who organized a fundraiser for e-sims!).

Build your community. Care for each other, organize, and fight together. May we all continue to raise our voices into the new year and beyond. ✊

🍉: I am STILL trying to fix my international shipping for the Free P4lest1ne blanket. Thank you all for your patience!!

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