Charitable Donations: October/November 2023

It’s #GivingTuesday, so Orion is delivering our October/November transparency check.

Over the past 2 months y’all have helped to donate $1,135.11 across several important organizations, all of which are invested in the liberation of all oppressed people. ❤️‍🔥:

There has been an overwhelming support for the Free Palestine Fundraiser blanket and the Letters for Palestine campaign. 100% of the profits were donated to Palestine Legal, which totaled $1,056.82! I do these transparency checks because fundraising requires accountability. But dollars alone can’t capture the impact of your support for these fundraisers—especially with the Letters for Palestine Campaign.

138 postcards were purchased to write letters to your representatives. There have been repeat purchases of postcards because folks want to write *more* letters demanding a full ceasefire. And some folks are collecting the postcards to frame, and are printing my free protest signs at home and writing their letters on the backs of those signs.

It has been fortifying to organize with folks like @concerningcorgis@goodboyswander@flooffurmily@misothemeatball@mynameisntkara, and @ridgelessadventures and engage our online communities in the fight for a Free P4lestine. On top of that, @tellingourtails organized virtual power hours to write letters and e-mails as a group. We have so much power when we organize together. I am grateful for the community I’ve found on this platform.

If it’s not within your current means to donate on this Giving Tuesday, remember that your voice and attention are valuable. Keep speaking up, protesting, sharing, writing, emailing, calling, and boycotting. 🍉🇵🇸


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